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Exterrior image of The Odeon featuring beautful architecture in a street-view.

Why Domain

The Domain Companies is one of the nation’s leading real estate investment and development firms specializing in sustainable, mixed-use communities. Living at The Odeon unlocks more than a beautiful home – it includes access to the exceptional management, experienced team, and community commitment that makes Domain’s properties stand apart.

From innovative architectural and interior design to unparalleled hospitality and service, Domain is committed to achieving excellence and enacting positive and lasting social, economic, and physical change. Domain’s long-term investment approach is at the core of our mission to create local impact and lay the foundation for future progress.

Engaging Communities

In each Domain community, a sustained engagement effort enhances the lives of residents, supports local businesses, and fulfills a responsibility to the community and environment. To achieve this, we have developed a multi-tiered approach to maximize our impact.
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MyCommunity and MyDomain
Supporting local nonprofits and businesses through donation, advocacy, and loyalty programs.
Team Domain
Facilitating and promoting volunteer opportunities for our residents and team members.
Resident Services
Providing important services, resources, and opportunities to residents.

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